When you purchase your MØY sunglasses, you are buying a unique and limited piece of product that is not easily replaced. To best take care of it, we advise you to use the complimentary and designated protection equipment provided by us upon each purchase of our sunglasses.

moy atelier sunglasses hard caseHardshell case: Our velvet-coated hardshell case is designed to protect your sunglasses from bigger impacts which can for example occur during travelling. Its heart-shaped design makes it easy to stack or lay flat on surfaces without taking up any unnecessary space. Ideal to slip in suitcases and travel bags. It’s subtle and unique design also makes it an excellent supplement for coffee tables and bookshelves.moy atelier sunglasses packaging soft pouch
Soft pouch: Our soft velvet pouch with an embossed logo offers protection ideal for day to day use. It’s lightweightness and slim size fits snugly in handbags or pockets.sunglass packaging cloth moy atelierMicrofiber cloth: Clean your sunglasses with our premium scalloped edged microfiber cloth designed specifically for optimal cleaning of our nylon lenses. Do not use any other fabric and chemicals or alcohol to avoid damage to the anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings on the lenses.


We understand that damages can still happen, see our return and aftercare policy for more information or contact