Due to MØY ATELIER's commitment to developing products of superior quality, we source our materials carefully worldwide from leading suppliers in their respective fields. Our signature strength and lightness are obtained by combining all the elements below.

Lenses Essilor Moy Atelier Sunglasses

Lenses: MØY’s signature nylon lenses, in a wide array of colours, are sourced from renowned french lens supplier, Essilor. With its advanced lens technology, it not only protects 100% from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also gives the optimal visual comfort by enhancing colour perception and reducing glare. In addition, MØY’s lenses have added coatings with the latest cutting edge technology such as anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, and hard coating with Oleo filter for optimal vision and durability. 

Acetate Moy Atelier Sunglasses

Cellulose Acetate: MØY has since inception collaborated with Italian cellulose acetate manufacturer, Mazzucchelli, whose cellulose acetate is known for its premium quality, lightweight feel and with the right amount of elastisity. With its long history of know-how of over 160 years and certified standards, it is the obvious choice for MØY to partner with.

In addition we source bio-acetate (cellulose acetate made from natural plasticizers  from niche manufacturer specialised in eco-friendly materials, as part of our commitment to sustainability. 

Precious Metals Moy Atelier Gold

Metal:  MØY’s distinctive light and flexible metal frames are all meticulously hand crafted from stainless steel sheets. The material’s thermal adaptability means the frames are adjustable to fit. Some collections have all their metal surfaces plated in either 12karat or 18karat gold for added luxury and refinement.